The Misano International Circuit was designed in 1969, it started its activity in 1972, and it has
always been under private management.
At the beginning it was 3,488 km long, with small open pits, a small building which was used
exclusively to house racetrack offices and a very restricted group of pilots which was subsequently considerably increased.

In 1993 the expansion of the circuit began: from the original 3,488 km, the track was lengthened to4,060 km, making it possible to use it both as a short track and as a long one; moreover, a new small building was erected, with new pits (10×12 m), technical rooms, representation rooms, and a fully equipped press room of about 600 square metres. In 1996 and 1997 a second stage of work was carried out to complete the small building (which was almost made double) and the pits.

In 1998 the paddock area was extended so as to measure 40.000 square metres.

In 2001 the construction of the first set of stands, with a seating capacity of 5.000, was completed.

The Misano International Circuit is the ideal facility for important motor shows and for the WorldMotorcycling Championship; it is also the best facility to give all the companies the opportunity to start in pole position.
The facility offers a complete reception service, with fully equipped conference rooms, press room, and meeting point, interpreters for simultaneous translations, hospitality, and the possibility to use the large tensile structures in the picturesque paddock area or in the wide green spaces on the trackside. A quality catering service is able to satisfy all the demands of both little and big conventions.

The Misano International Circuit has leading technological equipment. In the age of visual communication, images are rightly considered, as far as companies’ external relations are concerned, an essential support to illustrate successes and future strategies in a more effective way.
All the latest instruments of modern technology are at your disposal, at the Misano International Circuit, to enable you and your guests to do your job with the highest efficiency. A fully equipped control room and well-prepared technicians are able to transmit or record any event.

A large press room, fitted with telephone connections, videos and computers, enables every person present to receive, send or process data constantly and in real time.

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