Cycle tourism

Emilia-Romagna, with its sea and its vegetation, offers cycling lovers the alternation of landscapes varying from green plains to sweet hills, to the mountain landscape of the Apennines, full of exciting slopes, so that this region can be considered “the paradise of cycle tourists”.

But Emilia-Romagna, so rich in traditions, is also a great artistic region: it is fantastic to cycle among strongholds and castles, and to go in search of churches, monuments, remains, riding along medieval roads immersed in dream atmospheres. You can leave from Rimini, Riccione and Cattolica and go on excursions in the Romagna and Marche hinterland. Just five minutes’ ride away, the Malatesta hills offer a new and unexpected landscape to the eyes of the cycle tourist. The best trained ones can reach Tuscany, near at hand, or pit their strength against the 1423-metre-tall ascent to the Cippus of Mount Carpegna.

The routes to Urbino, San Leo, San Marino, Verucchio, Gradara are wonderful for everybody.
Moving slightly to the North you will find Bellaria, Gatteo a Mare and Cesenatico. Polenta, Ciola,
and the famous Borbotto are some of the most beautiful hills to climb, and they made the Gran
Fondo “Nove Colli” famous worldwide. Together with the Via del Sale (Salt Route) of Cervia, the Gran Fondo of the Agolanti, and the Coppi-Bartali of Riccione, this race attracts thousands of cycle tourists every year.


Riolo and Salsomaggiore Terme combine the Apennines landscapes, full of routes for common bicycles and mountains bikes, with some of the most famous spas in Italy, where you can treat yourselves to brief moments of wellness to regenerate body and mind. Among the most beautiful routes, we recommend the paths of Mount Mauro and Mount Battaglia and the Stirone Regional River Park.



Bicycle touring routes

- The road of the hills of Romagna
- Olive oil tour
- Sangiovese wine tour


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