For those who love mixing relaxation and amusement but do not want to relinquish culture, Misano is the ideal place where to spend their holidays. The surrounding territory is in fact full of towns, villages and medieval strongholds, which keep the traditions of the past still alive …

Here are some of the places of historical interest you cannot miss:

Gradara (10 km away from Misano)

The hill of Gradara, which has always been border land between Marche and Romagna, is dominated by the stately fortress surrounded by a little medieval village and by a double ring of walls.

A place of delights from ancient times, so much so that its name derives from "grata aura" (fresh air), Gradara offers its visitors memories of centuries of history in an evocative medieval setting. All the key features are present: a hill dominating the valley which opens out on to the sea in the distance, a thick wood, a many-towered and legendary castle, which, with the ochre of its bricks, is silhouetted against the blue of the sky and the green of the surrounding country.


The castle was the residence of the most important families of the medieval and Renaissance periods: Malatesta, Sforza, Borgia, and Della Rovere, and it was the site of great historical and legendary events. It is in this castle that the well-known affair between Paolo and Francesca, celebrated by Dante, took place.




Montegridolfo (21 km away from Misano)

Right on the border between Marche and Romagna, on the line dividing the Conca valley from the Foglia valley, there is one of the best preserved castles in the province of Rimini: Montegridolfo.

The landscape is pleasant, characterized by soft hills descending towards the plain. The structure of the village is extremely beautiful, and all its buildings have been restored with care in order to make Montegridolfo one of the most advanced and qualified centres of the Romagna hinterland for tourism and relaxation.

San Marino (44 km away from Misano)

The old town centre of San Marino is rich in natural beauties, museums, libraries, and monuments.
On the top of Mount Titano stand the three Towers, defensive works linked by walls which lead to the town below, surrounded by a triple ring of walls spaced out by doors, ramparts, and embattled towers. Within the city walls there are ancient squares, palaces, museums, churches and medieval houses, all of them made of stone, which retain their old look.

San Leo (48 km away from Misano)

Situated on the border between Marche and Romagna, dominating the Marecchia valley and not far from San Marino, San Leo is one of the most fascinating places of Montefeltro, a land which inspires dreams and enchantment still today, with its walled villages, numerous castles, isolated parish churches, and farmhouses scattered over a countryside characterized by meadows, cypresses, crags and solitary rocks.

A wonderful medieval fresco, San Leo lies on a steep hill culminating with a dizzy buttress, thus offering a surprising and peculiar image, similar to the ones so often described in fairy tales as unreal, out of reach and far away.

Grottos of Frasassi (115 km away from Misano)

The Grottos of Frasassi are one of the most spectacular karst complex in the world. Today, the Grottos are open to the public and can be visited with professional guides, following a smooth tourist route which takes up about 75 minutes.
Visitors can experience the emotion of an upside-down world, hidden and beautiful, characterized by evocative settings, rich in extraordinary concretions, where the silence is broken only by the dripping of water, which makes the complex alive and keeps it in constant evolution.

Two adventure routes are available upon reservation: the blue route (for visitors over 12) and the red route, which enable small guided groups to penetrate into tunnels, narrow passages, and chutes to admire magnificent halls hidden from the eyes of the “common” tourist.


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