Swimming Pool – Portoverde

Swimming lovers will find in Portoverde – Misano Adriatico – a heavenly spot. This is in fact the
seat of Consorzio Portoverde, a non-profit association which manages on gratuitous loan the
swimming pools at the disposal of the inhabitants of Misano and of their guests.
The swimming pools of the Consorzio offer their guests the possibility to take part in swimming
courses, moments of exercise and competitions.





The various swimming pool have different lengths, shapes, and depths, and can meet the needs of those who can’t swim, those who need assistance while they are doing some exercise, and those who are expert swimmers or enthusiastic divers.

Some useful information for those who are interested in going to the swimming pool:

Portoverde swimming pool

Address: Passeggiata dei Fiori, 19, Portoverde
Tel.: 0541 618463
Fax: 0541 610397
Year of construction: 1980
Size: 16,80×34,20 m
Depth: min. 1,20 m – max. 3,75 m


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